What is Journal Therapy?

Journal therapy is a way of writing about personal issues which can help you gain clarity and think of new ways of dealing with things. Working with a trained journal therapist can be a way of finding new perspectives on your life and provide you with insights, reflections and suggestions to help deepen your understanding of yourself. Your journal therapist can help you to see things which may previously have been hidden from you. Together you can develop self-sustaining strategies and techniques for ongoing personal development.

There are no rules for journal writing - there are no judgements about spelling, grammar or style.

There are two recommendations - date everything you write (including the year) and be as honest as you can.

Kate Thompson provides journal therapy sessions face-to-face, by post and on-line.

Why Journal Therapy on-line?

It may not be possible for you to meet face-to-face with a therapist:

  • You may have a lifestyle which makes it impossible to meet in real time.
  • You may be housebound because of physical or psychological conditions or because of commitments such as caring for others.
  • Your geographical location may make it difficult or too expensive to get to a therapist.

How does it work?

You send by e-mail your journal writing which you want me to comment on. My response will depend on what you send and what you want which could include:

  • Reflection on the content (issues) of your writing
  • Suggestions for other ways to address the theme or topic in writing (journal therapy techniques)
  • Reflection on the process of writing

What you can expect from me

  • A response by e-mail at a regular time: you can send me an e-mail at any time but we will have an agreed time at which I will read and respond (the frequency could be once a fortnight or once a week or less frequently)
  • I shall not comment on your style of writing - you do not have to write in complete sentences or worry about using "correct" grammar or spelling

In addition: After 4 sessions you will be invited to review the process of writing either on the phone or in writing.

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